'IPhone sends call history to Apple '

'IPhone sends call history to Apple '

Tech November 18, 2016 08:27

moscow - iPhone when Apple's sync and storage service iCloud is set up, the entire Belgian history sent to Apple's servers. This was discovered by the Russian digital security researcher Elcomsoft, writes the intercept. The iPhone does not mention the transmission of such data.

The log files that are sent contain information about all outgoing and incoming calls, including phone numbers, time and duration of the call. Even missed and transferred calls are listed. According to Elcomsoft Apple iCloud stores data up to four months. That's much longer than telecom providers that store data.

Besides voice calls are also stored the data of FaceTime conversations. According to Elcomsoft is this so since iOS 8. 2. That version of Apple's mobile operating system came out in March last year. Since iOS 10 also missed incoming calls stored on some other services.

Apple recognizes that the phone is logged and says that it is intentional. '' We provide the synchronization of Belgian data to our customers so they can call back from any device, '' wrote a company spokesman in an email. She also points out that the data is password protected.

The intercept discovered in September already that Apple logs all iMessage messages that users send, save to iCloud. Both types of data can be retrieved by the judiciary at Apple, but can also come into the hands of unauthorized persons at a hack.

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