iPhone crashes since last night by the date-back iOS11

World December 2, 2017 08:27

cupertino - With several users of the iPhone, the alarm clock probably did not go off this morning. The iPhone user also got a black screen with a rotating wheel every so often. Reason: a date bounce in operating system iOS11.

The problem causes 'daily reminders of certain apps'. According to the users with these complaints, the iPhone does not crash at all, but the home screen with the icons for the apps is reloaded so many times, making the smartphone equally unusable. Suddenly the screen appears where the user has to enter the access code and the iPhone does it again (for a moment).

Apple Stores in Australia, for example- where it is during the day- are flooded with questions from users. The problem arose at 00.15 o'clock Dutch time. Social media is now also overflowing with complaints about the bug.

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