' Inventor Bitcoin is Australian '

' Inventor Bitcoin is Australian '

Tech December 9, 2015 11:00

- The world was there last year alongside then a Japanese-American man hastily denied the inventor of Bitcoin. According to Wired now appears that the name Satoshi Nakamoto, was a pseudonym of the Australian coder Craig Steven Wright.

If proof be stepped up documents that show communication between Wright and his lawyers. " I 've done my best to hide that I Bitcoin supply since 2009 ", Wright allegedly said. Wired also shows an image of a blog from 2009 which he talks about testing the Bitcoin.The creator of Bitcoin trying for years to remain anonymous, therefore keeping the Wired Journalists a blow to the arm. " He is, or he is good at letting us believe that he is. The leaked documents could be totally or partially fake. "Last year, sued the man who actually Satoshi Nakamoto called Newsweek for publishing the story that he would be the Bitcoinbedenker. His life was in his own words on its head after the wrong reporting.

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