'Interest-free loan for retraining'

'Interest-free loan for retraining'

World September 19, 2017 09:27

amsterdam - Amsterdammers who want to retrain for a second or third career must be able to do that with an interest-free loan from the city. D66, the largest party in the city council, advocates the introduction of this so-called 'Amsterdam Fair'.

That is stated in the electoral program of the democrats. Group chairman Reinier van Dantzig focuses on the plans for the hard-working Amsterdammers. 'For example, this stock market is intended for builders in construction. These are really huge heroes: professionals working with their hands, 'he says.

According to Van Dantzig, people who, for example, have fallen dead on their path, can be retrained with the help of the municipality. D66 wants to make an interest-free loan available to follow a new program. This can then be refunded after finding new work. 'With the 'Amsterdam scholarship' anyone who wants it in his 50th can still think: I'm shouting. I want to be a florist, or set up a bakery shop. '

The group president believes that every Amsterdammer deserves a fair chance of work. 'But if you follow a course where hardly any job can be found, or if your job is gradually disappearing through automation, that's very difficult. 'To get people ready, the party wants to seek collaboration with business and associate studies with' City Challenges. '

Van Dantzig: 'For example, we want a city without natural gas in 2030. There are thousands of additional professionals and all kinds of new professions needed. Legio new pipes must be laid, new electric cookers must be connected, insulated and thousands of solar panels must be laid on roofs. We want to take the lead in the training of these people in Amsterdam. By making agreements with educational institutions and companies that contribute to the conversion of the city into natural gas, many students in Amsterdam can study with a career guarantee. '

Nevertheless, many MBA students choose studies as 'administrative staff' where automation is under investigation. 'Thanks to a new approach,' Mobility Technique 'from an almost extinct education to cyclists, has grown into a popular study in two years time. Giant, the municipality and the ROCs have been working together to allow students to access the latest race bikes, in addition to the race course, rather than in the outdated workplace. This approach, where business and education come together in a new jacket, works. D66 wants to link this proven approach now to major sustainable construction projects, 'said Van Dantzig.

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