Inheriting gangster like Cuban hotel back

Inheriting gangster like Cuban hotel back

World December 9, 2015 18:28

tampa - The heirs of the American gangster Meyer Lansky want to return the Habana Riviera Hotel in the Cuban capital Havana. That's after the 1959 revolution nationalized by the communist revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro. Lansky and the hotel involved in the Mafia film The Godfather II.

" It is violently snatched from my grandfather ", says Lansky's grandson Gary Rapoport againstTampa Tribune. " My family has Cuba of credit money. " The claim was made possible, since the diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba have been restored.BatistaRapoport recognizes that the claim may be rejected because his grandfather worked closely with the president ousted in 1959 Fulgencio Batista. According to rumors Lansky financed the coup which Batista came to power early 50 Rapoport: " I realize that my grandfather was considered an enemy of Castro's, so that could harm our business. But I also realize that the Castro brothers will have disappeared at some point of the island and that things can change. I do not think the hotel is going to someone else. It's my family. "If the claim is indeed accepted, Rapoport does not know yet whether he will operate the hotel itself. In that case he is considering selling the Habana Riviera.

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