Indian rescued from the tip of the electricity pole

Indian rescued from the tip of the electricity pole

World July 26, 2017 09:57

banaskantha (india) - An Indian man in flight for the water violence that India has been killing in recent days has been rescued in a village in the Indian state of Gujarat from the tip of an electricity pole. Moessonregens have laid out large parts of the country; People and animals can not get along.

So then up, the man must have thought. A rescue helicopter had to make it possible to release the Indian from his horrible situation. And with success: the man could be safeguarded by the rescuers.

In Gujarat, 33,000 people have already been saved. Throughout the country, 225 people died this year as a result of water violence. Many people are drowned, others died from landslides or electrocution. More than 2.7 million Indians were hit by the barre.

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