In long file to the sun

In long file to the sun

World July 7, 2017 05:48

- We're ready! The roof rack is on the car, the swimming gear and sunscreens are packed and the navigation is set. This weekend starts the first major exodus of one million holiday celebrations. A minus: on the way to the sun threatening long files.

About eleven million countrymen go on holiday this summer. There are more than ever. Most of them pass through abroad, as 8 million compatriots cross the border. But the trip is going to take a lot longer for car and bus passengers. Certain holidaymakers traveling by car by car must take into account hours of delay.

'Our eastern neighbors have thought about focusing on the Autobahn maintenance in the summer months. Just the moment we look up the sun. In total, this impedes 1000 of the total 13,000 kilometers of highway, 'says Arnoud Broekhuis of the ANWB.

'That means irrevocably in the file. There is no escape, because 470 places work; Also on all main routes that we usually take Dutch when we head south over the Autobahn. So people who have to go to the Alps, Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Hungary must have an angel's sake. '

But worse it will be for travelers who spend their holiday in Scandinavia. 'There is only one quick route from Hamburg, and let them get it right now. That's going to be a drama, because you're coming in a fool of what escape is impossible, 'predicts Broekhuis.

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