'Impetent arrested Christmas market since 2015'

World December 17, 2017 06:51

berlin - The police and the security services had seen perpetrator Anis Amri of the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin as a terror suspect since November 2015.

The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag writes that secret files about Amri. These data show that the intelligence services knew that the Tunisian was already looking for information about bombs and grenades in December 2015 using his smartphone.

In February 2016, a telephone conversation with Islamic State in Libya was even reported where Amri offered himself as a suicide bomber. After the attack it became clear that the German security services were keeping an eye on Amri, but according to Die Welt he was even more emphatically in the picture as a potential terrorist than was known until now.

Amri rode a Berlin Christmas market on December 19 with a stolen truck. Twelve people died and 67 people were injured. Amri was shot on the flight in Italy by the police.

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