IJspenisterreur Gothenburg comply

IJspenisterreur Gothenburg comply

World January 22, 2016 12:14

- The inhabitants of the Swedish capital Gothenburg apparently attach strongly to their ijspenissen. After an already high pecker earlier this week on the ice in a ditch at the King Park was cleaned, there is a huge specimen has come in its place.

The creator of the new ijspenis is nota bene which ones
original penis of the ice on the canal was scrubbed. Schoonmaker Emilian Sava had regretted his act, reports
The Local, and he wanted to repent by making an even bigger ijspenis. On the Facebook page 'Bring back ijspiemel' he asked for suggestions for places to draw a new penis in the snow.

That's a big field become in Vallgraven district, where Sava and some colleagues using snow blowers have a ijspenis, which is so large that it is visible only from the air. 'That way nobody is offended by the penis,' said Sava.

The members of 'Bring back the ijspiemel' were almost emotionally due Sava's ijspenis. 'I am moved to tears,' wrote one user.

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