Identity Berlin stairs chopper known

Identity Berlin stairs chopper known

World December 17, 2016 20:33

berlin - The identity of the kicker in the Berlin subway is probably familiar. There was a woman without provocation pushed hard from a staircase on 27 October. On the video where the incident can be seen on, was reacted with much disgust in many countries. The arrested man is 27-year-old Svetoslav Stoikov.

The German newspaper Bild made on its website. A few days ago it was announced that there was an arrest made around the cowardly act.

The case came to light when a video surveillance images on the Internet began to wander. The images show how a woman descends the stairs of the subway station in Berlin Hermannstrasse. Four young men then appear on screen. A man with cigarette and beer bottle runs after her. It accelerates and kicks her down the stairs.

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