Iconic middle finger at Trump gets a tail

World November 6, 2017 16:48

sterling - The woman who showed a middle finger to the presidential column of Donald Trump has been fired because the iconic photo has gone viral. She does not regret: 'I would do it again.'

The 50th anniversary of July Briskman works as a social media manager at a company that also carries out tasks for the government. She even shared the middle finger's picture on her personal account, without text. On Twitter she has 24 followers. Nevertheless, her identity came true, because internet users were looking for the woman massively when the photo was shared.

Briskman did not sit in the cold clothes. She got disapproving cans in the yoga studio, and received threatening mails. Then she informed her bosses about the incident, which responded with resignation. Unjustly, Briskman finds out a lawsuit. But sorry? 'I would do it again,' she says to the Washington Post.

For years, Briskman worked for American diplomats, but since Donald Trump has become president, she must have nothing from the White House. 'Not My President', she wrote for a protest march in Washington. Because she could not reach the march, she left the sign for a CIA office.

Although she is quite activistic, she was not planning on the day of the photo. It happened spontaneously. A photographer saw the middle finger and laid him down, after which the image spread. 'What was going out of my mind was simply: Really, are you playing golf again?' Says Briskman.

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