'I slept during rapes'

World October 24, 2017 10:09

london - A suspect of 'one hundred rapes' has made a remarkable statement for his crimes. According to Lawrence Barilli, he suffers from sleeping sex, a condition that makes him perform sexual acts during his sleep.

Barilli was arrested yesterday for rapes in 2011 and 2012. His victim tells her that she had sex in the morning while Barilli was sleeping. 'At first I did not know anything to say. Maybe he wanted more pit in our relationship, I thought. It was completely quiet. I did not like it, 'she explains according to the Daily Mail.

According to Barilli, a doctor has given him the diagnosis. Sleeping sex, or sexsomnia, is a disorder that sounds bizarre, but indeed, all kinds of research has been done. Nevertheless, the investigations are scarce, partly by shame, suspected scientists.

The raped woman often said in the morning that she did not like the sex. 'I asked: what was that tonight? Then he said, what are you talking about? 'Because of the sex against her, she thought to ban him from the bedroom, she answered the question of the judge. That did not happen at the end.

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