'I had sex with a ghost'

World December 5, 2017 18:57

abersystwyth - After a stranded relationship, Sian Jameson (26) sought refuge in a remote, 16th century hut on the heath. She needed a new start. Initially she enjoyed the 'rest' and 'nature', until a centuries-old painting came to life. 'I felt a hand around my waist. The feeling was weird, light and cool. '

'In the beginning it was wonderful: no stress, only myself, the trees and the sky', says Sian Jameson. The blonde retreated to the countryside in Wales, in an old house filled with age-old furniture. There was also a painting of a 'sexy' young man. She fell in love, but yes, a painting? Moreover, she wanted to be alone. Sometimes she dreamed about sex with her partner in her sleep, and yet she was happy when she woke up and found herself alone.

One day it was different. 'I woke up and found a very handsome man next to me, with dark hair and old-fashioned clothes. He had a kind of shimmer over him. As if he were sitting behind a curtain. I thought I was dreaming. I turned around, but I could not sleep anymore. Suddenly I became very scared. Did I dream? Then I felt a hand around my waist. The feeling was weird, light and cool ', she says to The Sun.

She recognized the man of a painting. They had sex in no time. 'He was very tender. I felt all kinds of things about him. We did not say anything- it was as if he spoke to me telepathically. He was weightless. Even when he came on top of me, and pressed me, I felt weightless. Very crazy. But the sex was great! '

Jameson calls herself spiritual and says she had meetings with spirits before, but never as now. After sex she once had sex with the character from the painting.

Experts call it hallucinations and say that they indeed occur more often, especially in young people, and usually in the morning or in the evening. 'Such hallucinations can be extremely lively and bizarre,' says psychotherapist Tina Radziszewicz.

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