Hunting for cat killer: reward $ 36,000

Hunting for cat killer: reward $ 36,000

World September 2, 2018 08:48

thurston county (washington) - The Thurston County police in Washington State is seriously working on hunting a cat killer, who has already turned thirteen gruesome mutilated victims.

Last Friday the thirteenth cat was found, the day after the twelfth victim was discovered. The cat killer must have a rare dislike of the pets. Not only does he kill (or she) the animals, the victims are also cut open with a scalpel and afterwards the spine is removed.

The killer makes little effort to hide his actions: the cats are left behind in crowded places.

The local animal shelter organization Pasado's Safe Haven has promised a reward for the golden tip that leads to the arrest of the animal hangman. According to the New York Times, that would have risen to 36,000 dollars.

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