Human bones surfaced in Alicante

Human bones surfaced in Alicante

World September 5, 2016 16:09

- Spanish police are investigating how human bones bound together into sheets, ended up on the sea bed at Alicante. The presumption is that those recently used in magic and religious rituals. The residues are likely to be of at least three different persons. DNA testing should provide more clarity on this, reported Monday the British newspaper The Guardian.

Dive Instructor Cristian Lopez did late last month, the first remarkable find, just when he wanted to start a lesson. In the days that followed were removed two such bundles over water nearby. Lopez thought he had turned up a bag of trash, but once on dry land appeared to be the contents of a cup, sticks, feathers and a large number of brown bones.

,, I immediately recognized a human femur, '' said Lopez,,, and I saw a rib. It was not frightening, rather intriguing. '' Finally, he appeared to have a nearly complete skeleton unearthed. According to an initial forensic examination to thirty or forty years left in the ground before it was dumped into pieces in the sea.
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