Huge blow to Clinton getter

Huge blow to Clinton getter

World November 9, 2016 14:09

amsterdam - Donald Trump Hillary Clinton accused to have no stamina, was a travesty. Clinton was a survivor par excellence, but the last step, through the glass ceiling, there was one too far. Bill is not a First Husband and probably will remain forever First Lady.

It will be a very serious blow to the ambitious Clinton. failed twice, for the woman who really only has had successes and was almost overqualified for the job they do after this loss can write to her belly. A third attempt will be too much, later on the age of 73.

It is sad for Trump. No woman had in her life so much scorn and hatred on him as Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she always went by.

The misery began on the home front with a hard unsympathetic father for whom every compliment there was too much. And even in the powerful position of first lady she was under pressure, but she continued to the outside world unperturbed by the side of her standing in the tumult surrounding his sex scandal with intern Monica Lewinsky.

It was not the first affair of Bill and it raises the question whether love or political ambitions who love Hillary and Bill together. What is clear is that they are evenly matched. Bill would ever have told his mother that Hillary was the only girl he could talk level. She had also fallen out of her mouth, because when she and Bill once stopped at a gas station where an old boyfriend of hers seemed to work Bill said: 'If you had not met me was now the wife of a gas station attendant. 'And she replied:' No, he was now the President of the USA '

That self-esteem she has inherited from her mother Dorothy who was in surprisingly itself is not much to her domineering husband. But she loved Hillary invariably for 'there is no place for cowards in this house. 'Dorothy, who died at the age of 92 in 2011, it also pressed the heart' not to give in to bullies. '\n  \n  \n   advertisement

This was seen during the debates. The notorious bully Trump knew almost never break through the armor of the benignly smiling Clinton. Where husband Bill the 'comeback kid' who omduikelde after each scandal to get back on later, there rarely bow Hillary.

That was not always good for the voter. A woman who is not embraced by everyone is so convinced of her own intellect and right. What does not help is that Hillary is indeed good in the debate, but otherwise do not like campaigning. Where Bill is beaming as another crowd which he can shake hands, because Hillary behaves awkwardly.

Her many friends and friends say she is a hot humorous personality, but the public does not see that. The first good joke Mrs Clinton is still awaited. As is the remark of the British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, 'she recalls a sadistic nurse in a mental asylum' very far.

The audience her despite her years of experience as a well-known lawyer, First Lady of the State of Arkansas, First Lady of the Americas, Senator and Minister of Foreign Affairs, does not really know has to do with its penchant for secrecy. Possibly it's the affairs of Bill, Hillary but only a small group of confidants. Her almost broke through on the email affair. And the hubbub surrounding the finances of the Clinton Foundation with her husband.

That Clinton is not loved, they will experience as unjust. All her life she is fighting for a fairer society, whether it's for children from disadvantaged backgrounds or women. And now the presidency goes to Donald Trump who still has to prove in this field,. Funnily enough, Clinton will be appreciated when it is in session. As a senator, she managed to work better with Republicans than, say, Barack Obama. There are still Republican senators who stabbing against the tide to praise their former colleague. So that gives hope for the future much-needed reconciliation after the vicious battle with Trump.

She is less rigid outside the spotlight than she looks pale including during a summit in Paris where she meetroonde Chinese Foreign Minister to the bar to persuade him there while sipping a cocktail to support its proposal.

The big question is what Hillary is going to do now. As she said, she is not the type containers for cookies.

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