Housekeepers throw away art

Housekeepers throw away art

World October 26, 2015 15:48

bozen - Cleaners of the Italian museum Bozen- Bolzano to work something thoroughly gone and have thrown a complete work of art in their work...

The work in question "Where shall we dance tonight?" the artists Goldschmied & Chiari is made up of empty champagne bottles, confetti and more festive leftovers. This made it through the cleaning crew as waste and everything ended up in the bin.

Coincidentally, it was the night before the cleaning mistake was a party at the museum, so the cleaners thought they were dealing with the remains of that party. Reported that the museum management to Facebook.


Employees then found an empty space at the place where the work was supposed to be and raised the alarm.

Luckily the cleaning staff 'waste' recycled properly and the artwork can be so again puzzled together. Until that is done, there's a note on the empty spot on the text that the work will be quickly restored.

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