Hourly bowling is most expensive in Nijmegen

Hourly bowling is most expensive in Nijmegen

World May 3, 2017 08:21

- For an hour of bowling in the big city you are the most expensive in Nijmegen, Haarlem and Utrecht. This is evidenced by an inventory of catering company Van Spronsen \u0026 Partners. For an hour of bowling, you pay an average of 22 euros in the Netherlands.

The bowling alleys in Overijssel and North Brabant use the lowest prices to bowl in all provinces with around 21 euros. With about 25 euros for one-hour bowling, Flevoland and Utrecht are the most expensive provinces.

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From the big cities Tilburg uses the lowest prices to bowl, here you are after an hour throwing balls only 13 euros poorer. In Nijmegen, Haarlem and Utrecht you pay more than double: 27 euros.

The overview is also available in a large screen.

The Netherlands has 197 bowling centers with 1,734 bowling alleys in 2017. The survey shows that there are about ten bowling alleys on every hundred thousand Dutch people. Zuid-Holland has 35 bowling centers in absolute terms most companies and also has the most bowling alleyways: 362. The province of Zeeland has relatively 16.8 jobs per 100 thousand inhabitants on most jobs. In the provinces of Utrecht and Overijssel you can find the least bowling alleys: about 9 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Of the 22 major cities, Rotterdam has most bowling centers (5) and bowling alleys (50). There are 11 cities with one bowling center, Maastricht, the only major city, has no bowling center. Zoetermeer has 29 jobs per 100 thousand inhabitants on the largest offer. In total, the municipality has 36 jobs. After Maastricht, which has no bowling center, the offer in Zwolle with 3.2 bowling alleys per 100 thousand inhabitants and a total of 4 courses is the lowest.

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