Hotel guest after 17 years welcome again after pepperoni-drama

World April 3, 2018 12:33

victoria - Nick Burchill had good intentions many years ago. The Canadian wanted to delight his friends with lots of pepperoni. However, no refrigerator could be found in his hotel room, after which he placed the meat by the window. And he should not have done that better...

The remarkable incident happened in 2001. Burchill hoped that the fresh air would keep the meat he bought at a delicatessen in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia where the man lives. When he returned after a long walk, he could not believe his eyes.

The meat was no longer there, but there were about forty gulls in his hotel room. And these gulls had had enough time to eat the pepperoni. 'Peperoni does NARE things with the bowel movement of a seagull. As you might have expected, the whole room was covered with poo. They also drool, and you probably did not know that, 'the Canadian tells us on Facebook.

He remembers the conscious day in April in Canadian British Columbia. While on a business trip, he was allowed to compete with a group of birds. 'When I walked into the room they started to fly everywhere, even against closed windows. The result: a tornado of seagulls feces, feathers and pieces of pepperoni. The lamps fell down, the curtains were destroyed. '

After a while most of the seagulls had left. 'One wanted to come back to grab another piece of pepperoni, after which I threw my shoe at the bird. The bird was gone, but my shoe too ', continues the Canadian, who grabbed the last gull with a towel. 'I forgot that seagulls can not fly. All this happened while there was a high tea under my window. '

The hotel decided to impose a lifetime ban on the man. The Canadian apologizes: 'I have respected this for almost 18 years, but ask you now if I can come back again. 'A day after his post he got a message from the manager. 'I think I persuaded them by giving them a pound of pepperoni,' he jokes.

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