Hollande promises 'tired' Calais solution

Hollande promises 'tired' Calais solution

World September 26, 2016 09:36

- After former President Nicolas Sarkozy, his potential opponent in the presidential election next spring, also has French President Francois Hollande visited Calais Monday to discuss the refugee camp there. Hollande promised the weary inhabitants ' '' ' which a solution is near ', the local press reported. The camp would forever ' '' disappear.

Many inhabitants of Calais went last month to the streets of dissatisfaction with the inconvenience that would cause the thousands of migrants who await a chance to cross over to Britain in Calais. Hollande spoke in Calais drivers, policemen, businessmen and representatives of civil society, but left the makeshift refugee camp are known as 'the jungle' links. He called the visit by the British ' to take responsibility and help France '.

Sarkozy did Calais last week already. He and Marine Le Pen make such a number of problems in Calais which Hollande also had to express it. So far he made during his presidency just few words on asylum. The president recently promised to dismantle the camp completely. He wants to divide the residents of shelters throughout the country. That incident would be done for the winter.

The 'jungle' in Calais would count around 8,000 migrants. In their efforts to get aboard trucks or ships on their way to the other side of the Channel and by infighting definitely fell last twelve years dead.

Hollande did not comment on the local plan to build a wall along the highway to keep migrants.

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