Hillary in trouble by Bill

Hillary in trouble by Bill

World July 1, 2016 22:57

- The campaign of Hillary Clinton finally ran smoothly. But now sprinkled her husband Bill sand in the machine.

The former president spoke in secret in the plane of the Minister of Justice, Loretta Lynch, who had just landed in Phoenix. The two have known each other for years. Bill Lynch was the person ever appointed as a prosecutor in New York.

Now she is the boss of the department which conducts research into the email scandal Hillary. The former First Lady is accused of having placed the country at risk by, against the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send secret information through its private server at her home in Chappaqua.
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The meeting gives the Republicans a new stick to beat. They argue that the powerful Clinton clan for years things rustles so that they do not get into legal trouble.

Lynch had yesterday through the dust. She admitted that the encounter was not convenient, but continued to emphasize that it was a private conversation during which the half-hour among others were talking about their grandchildren.

Republicans believe nothing of it. Lynch was forced to promise that they accept the outcome of the investigation, whatever it may be.

This week, the Republicans had just presented with great fanfare a report on the e-mail traffic of former Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton. However, this had little impact.

The political opponents of Clinton find that the politician has jeopardized the US mission in Libya and has neglected the security and thus party to the death of the US ambassador to Libya who was killed in a terrorist attack. There is so far no evidence of found.

The whole debate around Hillary Clinton has flared up again through the huddle and Minister Bill Lynch. The Hillary campaign kept the former president for a long time in the shadows for fear of its slipping. But when Hillary got more and more trouble with her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders was Bill assistance, which is still very popular among the US population, yet invoked.

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