Hillary Clinton About Putin's Man Speech: 'Every Time Again'

Hillary Clinton About Putin's Man Speech: 'Every Time Again'

World September 21, 2017 12:24

- 'Every time I met Putin, it was... the whole thing,' said Hillary Clinton, as she spreads the legs apart. The former presidential candidate told her in a television interview about her meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 'In New York we call the men's speech'.

'Every time I met him he did it,' said Clinton in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Man spreading is the phenomenon that men intentionally make very wide. Particularly in public transport it occurs with some regularity.

Clinton is currently busy with a promoter to promote her new memoir What Happened and tells a lot about her rich past. At Colbert she further discussed her meetings with the Russian president. The fact that she is a woman seemed to work on the nerves of Putin. 'It annoys him. '

During a meeting in Moscow, Putin Hillary has also guided tours in his private rooms. 'There he showed me a map of places where he would tag polar bears. Then he asked me if my husband wanted to go with me too. I told him I would ask Bill, but if he was busy I would or would. '

Hillary Clinton also spoke about the possible interference of Russia with the US presidential election. 'I do not think anyone with a tight face can say that the Russians did not intend to influence our elections,' she said to presenter Stephen Colbert.

Many critics said that Clinton had to 'go away' after her election decline. 'Well, if they were to collect money and send me to a nice place, I would consider it,' said Hillary. 'But I'm not going anywhere. '

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