Highly married couple walks in wedding boat

Highly married couple walks in wedding boat

World June 30, 2017 23:54

amsterdam - Margaret (95) and Bernard (93) have known each other since they are teenagers. But recently, the two proud Britons discovered that their feelings went further than friendship and decided to go on their wedding day on their old day. 'It's never too late for love.'

The new couple went to the same church in their teens. Later, Margareth was even bridesmaid on Bernard's marriage and now Dorothy's deceased wife. At her funeral in 2011, the two met each other for a long time.

Although Margaret and Bernard discovered that there was more, the timing might be a bit better. Still, Bernard told the son of his silent love that he cherished feelings for her. 'I thought this is inappropriate. I'll just try to forget him, 'Margaret told the British newspaper The Guardian.

But Margaret could not put Bernard out of her mind. One day she pulled the bad shoes and decided to call him to fly her heart. However, Bernard suddenly suffered from cold water fright. 'He hung up and afterwards I heard nothing from him anymore. But then the phone suddenly went on and told him that also loved me. '\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Margaret could not put Bernard out of her mind. One day she pulled the naughty shoes and decided to air her heart.\n    \n   \n     Photo: Screenshot

Because the couple lived apart for another 200 kilometers, the relationship only consisted of long telephone conversations in which they also listened to music together. Until one day a phone call came that would be different from the previous conversations. 'When I picked up, he said he was on one knee. I said, do not do that now, you will not get up again! '

Margaret did not have to think about the answer for a long time, she said, yes, yes. The couple has really been connected and are happy with each other. 'She tells me I'm making her laugh. I do not know why, 'said Bernard. They are currently living together in an old-age home in the county of Cumbria, northwestern England.

The older couple has advice for people who think they will no longer find love. 'If you are convinced that it is love, go ahead. For that it is never too late. '

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