Hernández declared winner in Honduras

World December 18, 2017 08:15

tegucigalpa - After weeks of unrest and uncertainty, the highest electoral tribunal in Honduras, President Juan Orlando Hernández, has been declared the winner of the presidential election. The election was held at the end of November, but it was unclear for a long time who would become the new president.

The opposition and international observers in the country had called for a recount due to suspicions that had been tampered with by the result. According to the highest selection tribunal, this did not lead to any significant shifts in the election results. Hernández is now officially declared the winner.

With that, the peace has not returned immediately. Former president Manuel Zelaya called people to go out again on the streets. Zelaya supports opposition leader Salvador Nasralla, who narrowly lost the election. Neighboring countries also said that there are still many questions about the election results.

Nasralla calls the decision of the electoral tribunal 'a desperate act. 'He said in a video message that' before, during and after 'the election has been fraudulent. Nasralla is on his way to Washington, where he will discuss the matter with the US Department of State. He also has consultations with the Organization of American States, the partnership of the countries in the region.

The former TV presenter initially seemed to have a convincing victory over Hernandez, with a big lead after more than half of the votes had been counted. After the count had stopped for more than a day, his lead began to shrink further in the days that followed.

22 people lost their lives in riots that followed.

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