Here Yamato survived six days

Here Yamato survived six days

World June 3, 2016 14:30

- The hope was never specified, but the authorities did certainly take into account the worst scenario. For six days the 7-year-old Yamato was missing in a remote, densely forested area in addition to bears. Wearing only a T-shirt and jeans in a region where temperatures at night drop to below nine degrees may be called a miracle that the little after that time in good health was recovered.

It all started last Saturday when the parents of the little Yamato got enough of their income gland son, who would have thrown stones at cars and people, and set him by way of punishment from their car. His father drove by, the boy in the remote area behind. Minutes later when the parents returned, Yamato no trace more.

Immediately a large-scale search was launched but dense vegetation in the area and heavy rain hampered the search by more than 180 rescue workers. For days no trace of the boy was found.
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That was the greatest concern, since the boy was not wearing a coat or sweater and nothing to eat or drink with him. They also enjoy the area for bears. When there was still no trace of the boy found after four days was also enlisted the help of the army. Soldiers were asked to search hard to reach areas such as cracks and crevices.

The small Yamato had meanwhile very lucky. In the jungle he encountered a military base that was used for exercises. He could hide in one of the barracks. The base, about five kilometers from the place where Yamato was last seen, was already searched on Monday after his disappearance, but when the boy was not found. Until five days later soldiers found him. The boy would have later explained to police that he had arrived on the day of his disappearance in the barracks, according to Japanese media.

At the barracks Yamato had access to running water from a tap, but finding food was a problem. 'There was nothing to eat,' he told his rescuers, who gave him rice and bread.

The area would also have been difficult to find something to eat, says David Niehoff Kanto Tours, which organizes trips through the area, told the BBC. 'Spring has just begun and things are beginning to grow only,' he says. 'Besides, you need good knowledge of the local flora, because poisonous plants also sit. In general, there is found little food. '

The building where Yamato was found a wooden hut without heating. The Japanese army does meetings and during exercises in the area is used as a sleeping place for soldiers. The barracks has two doors, one of which, fortunately for Yamato, was not locked.

According to his doctors are meanwhile well with Yamato. He had sustained some minor injuries and was slightly hypothermic.

The parents of the little boy can not by luck that they return their son. 'The first thing I told him was sorry. Sorry to have caused you such a terrible experience, 'Takayuki Tanooka father told reporters outside the hospital. 'He nodded and said 'okay', as if he understood. '

The 44-year-old father brought his apologies to the school of his son, the rescue workers and all those who had helped the family during his long search. 'I am overwhelmed by emotions,' he said in tears. 'Really, thank you very much. '

Tanooka admitted that he had gone too far to turn his son out of the car. 'Our behavior as parents went too far, and that's something I'm extremely sorry. I thought I was doing it for his own good, but now I realize that I went too far. '

From now on we will only keep more of our son, decided the emotional father.

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