Heineken and NN wanted on Damrak

Heineken and NN wanted on Damrak

World December 29, 2015 13:42

amsterdam - Investors at the Damrak booked Tuesday lunchtime good profits. Oil prices rebounded. In the thin trading in Amsterdam Heineken and NN led the dance. The embattled ArcelorMittal did not share in the festivities.

            Around half a AEX stood 1.4% higher at 445.7 points. Midcap went ahead 1% to 697.4 points. Elsewhere in Europe, colored the course signs also predominantly green. In Paris, the stock was up 1.3%, Frankfurt climbed 1.6%. London was somewhat inhibited by a strong depreciation of miner Anglo American and was 0.5% higher.,, The trade is thin, one day is now traded in Amsterdam which is normally eliminated per hour. There are few outliers, most traders sit out the year. But market sentiment is at low volumes as well flip , said Rein Schutte, a trader at Indexus Asset Management. Oil prices Monday the driver of unrest, restored. Brent Oil posted 0.5% higher, WTI 0.7%. The euro was slightly higher at $ 1.097. Outside Europe was the sharp decline of the stock market of Saudi Arabia. The oil powerhouse yesterday presented a significant package of measures to stop the hole in the budget. That hole was caused by the sharp drop in oil prices. The prices at the pump go up to the Saudis (the equivalent of 15 to 22 cents per liter), there is a VAT and various companies will be privatized. The Saudi Tadawul index (which comprises ten funds) was 2.4% in the red. Oil prices in the elevator from the US yesterday was little inspiration. The indicators in New York were on balance slightly out of place. It was especially oil prices which caused a stir in the markets. The sharp fall in the price of 'black gold' gave oil stocks a bad session. In Asia it was not exactly an exciting trading day, though most indicators have ended in the green figures. In Japan the Nikkei index closed on the last trading day of the year 0.6% higher. The business news is very thin on the ground today. However, later this afternoon, there are still some macro data on the role of the US At three o'clock, the Case-Shiller index for housing prices to the outside, and for four hours following a report from the Conference Board consumer confidence.,, The fact that consumers can figure the float for many investors in the market are thin , said Schutte of Indexus. The futures still point to a higher opening for the US indices at half past four. Arcelor negative uitschieterHet row Amsterdam capital funds colored almost entirely green. Only ArcelorMittal (-1.9%) did not share in the festivities, as Delta Lloyd which went southwards by 2.9% and Altice (-0.7%) NN Group led the AEX with a plus of 2.1%. Heineken and Philips followed by about 1.8% gain. The weighty fund Unilever made an oar in with a 1.7% growth rate. Shell benefited from the oil market and gained 1.4%. OCI was 0.4% higher. CEO Nassef Sawiris has over 3700 shares in the company added accumulate at a price of € 22.65, according to a report by regulator AFM. In the Midkap PostNL was 0.3% higher. The share is the past few days a lot of attention because of rumors of a possible takeover by the British Royal Mail. The Financial Times reported this morning based on a tour of analysts and shareholders that Royal Mail and Deutsche Post are seen as a serious potential buyers. There is still a number of hurdles to an acquisition as a continuity foundation that can erect a protective wall. This morning also revealed that Norges Bank's interest in PostNL very light has expanded from 2.98% to 3.02%. The Norwegians also have their stake in broadcaster USG People raised from 2.4% to 3.2%. USG, which is most likely taken up by the Japanese Recruit, was 0,3% higher. Largest increase among medium BAM funds was 2.2% gain. The embattled Fagron dangled at the bottom with 3.1% loss. Ballast leaves smallcap Macintosh Retail was 14.3% (or 1 cent) higher. Better Options has built up a stake of more than 4.6% in the retail group, which is in receivership. On the local market, there was not traded in the auction fund Dico. Shareholders of the empty purse sleeve vote today on the acquisition of the Etam Group (Miss Etam and Promiss), which would come via a so-called reverse takeover to Damrak. Builder Ballast Nedam was 16.8% lower at € 0.233. After a rights issue and a private placement, the Turkish construction company Renaissance already built up a stake of 97.8% in Ballast Nedam. Both parties want the listing of the builder now end 'as soon as possible.' Bourse Experts Harry Geels, Martine Hafkamp and Sybren van der Hijden slid in DFT Studio Scholarship for a preview of the new exhibition year. They gave inter alia, their vision of the euro. The video is here to look back.
                  'The market sentiment is at low volumes as well capsize'
                  - Rein Schutte (Indexus)
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