Health taxi for chronically ill Kiki (12): 'This does not mean you'

Health taxi for chronically ill Kiki (12): 'This does not mean you'

World July 11, 2017 17:54

- 'Mama, the taxi driver drives on the wrong side of the road.' Hilleke Kuiters from Almelo received a heartbreak on Monday when her chronically ill daughter (12) picked her up. Kiki is always taken to school by taxi, but that went wrong. A weird taxi ride followed. 'This does not mean you.'

Monday morning, Hilleke received the app. Kiki should be on the way to the Roessingh medical school in Enschede. That does not happen entirely according to planning.

A little later, Kiki calls. The driver missed the exit to the school and drives about 30 kilometers per hour on the highway towards Germany. 'School started worrying about where she stayed, I was on the line with the taxi driver who tried to desperate contact with the driver,' Hilleke told RTV East.

Meanwhile she also stays on her line with her daughter. Kiki requests the driver in vain to stop. 'That did not work, he was already swinging between berm and vangile, he continued his way to Germany. Every time I heard the other girl screaming in the background when the vangrail came back too close. '

After more than three hours, the driver will stop. He lets two girls and the boy in the car get off. 'Whatever you do, do not step in!', Says Hilleke by phone against Kiki. The daughter passes her location and eventually she is taken to school with another bus.

Then Hilleke Kluitert will also hear the whole story. 'The driver has hung over the steering wheel, pushing his phone and an insulin syringe. The bus is severely damaged, with the side-entry entry bar he has completely recovered. It has been a hell ride, not to contain. '

On Facebook, Hilleke shared her story in the hope of detecting witnesses. She hopes she can then report. The German police did not test the man for drinks and drugs, which makes this impossible now. 'Now I'm sent from the cabinet to the wall without getting a sting. '

According to Gerben Luttikhuis of Taxi Centrale Almelo, a GP concluded that there was something wrong with the driver who had all the necessary papers. 'We do not have all the facts above water, but he had no bad intentions. '

At RTV East, Luttikhuis tells us that there is a delivery issue. 'But we think that makes no sense. 'We have to wait for his taxi pass. I have told other taxi companies to keep in touch with applications so they do not accept this man. It is well done now, but that could have been very different. '

Hilleke hopes to bring her story out that witnesses report. 'I want justice. That man has one task: to bring children safely to school. I never forgive myself if he gets the chance to flip something like that again. As the man has driven, people must have seen that. If I have enough witnesses, the police can not handle me, right? '

The East Netherlands police are looking forward to the matter and let RTV East know later to come up with a response.

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