Headboard Sharia4Belgium isolated in cell

Headboard Sharia4Belgium isolated in cell

World November 23, 2015 08:30

antwerp - Ex- leader Fouad Belkacem of the controversial movement Sharia4Belgium is isolated in the prison of Antwerp. He may temporarily have no contact with other prisoners. Nor should he not go for a walk or relax. Visit may be received behind a glass wall. On that message, the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen Monday.

The prison system has measures taken after the attacks in Paris, because it is feared that the events Belkacem would use to radicalise prisoners.

Belkacem was sentenced in February to twelve years in prison and thousands of euros fine for his role as leader of Sharia4Belgium that a terrorist organization was named by the court. Although the group has carried out attacks, though Sharia4Belgium sought after according to the judge.

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