Harry and Meghan shocked by media violence

World November 27, 2017 19:15

- Both Meghan and Harry were shocked by all the media attention their relationship got after they appeared together in public. Even Prince Harry, who had warned Meghan about the press in England, was still surprised by the intensity of the reporting around their relationship.

The two tell in a BBC interview about their engagement, the proposal and their relationship. Actress Meghan Markle thought she could handle media attention because she worked in the entertainment industry. 'That was a misunderstanding. I was so naive. I really did not understand what was going to happen. I had never had to deal with the tabloid culture and compared to that I really had a quiet life. '

She explains that this also had to do with a cultural difference. 'In America we do not have the same understanding of the meaning of a royal family. That did not work when I first met him through a mutual friend. For me it was important that he was a friendly person. '

Harry says that he has warned Meghan several times about what she could expect from the media. But still it also overtook him: 'It was so much what came to us in the media. Even I was surprised. We talked so much about it, but we were really totally unprepared. '

Meghan decided to read nothing of the many rumors in the media. 'There was already so much wrong information that I did not want to go into it. I wanted to focus on our relationship. 'That gave the two opportunity during a five-day holiday in Botswana. 'We were separate from everyone and everything. That was crucial to get to know each other better. Delicious together under the stars. ', Says Harry. Meghan is proud to have succeeded: 'I am proud of who we are as a couple. That's what it's about. '

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