Harder approach British 'sexist' advertisements

Harder approach British 'sexist' advertisements

World July 18, 2017 15:18

london - The British advertising dog breeds gender stereotypes in advertising. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced Tuesday that it would be harder to act against ads that contain sexist stereotypes or mock people who do not adhere to the traditional role-sharing between men and women.

The ASA says it is already working on the drafting of new directives, which will probably come into effect next year. The organization earlier received hundreds of complaints about an advertising campaign for weight loss products. There were posters hanging out of a bikini model with the caption 'Is your body ready for the beach?'

The advertising watchdog concluded that some stereotypes in advertisements could limit children and adults to their potential. According to the organization, people can influence their image of 'what they can do and what their role is in society. '

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