Hackers strike at Bank Russia

Hackers strike at Bank Russia

Tech December 5, 2016 09:15

moscow - Hackers have 2 billion rubles (29 million euros) more away locks of accounts with the Russian Central Bank. Which on Friday announced the Central Bank of Russia, reports Reuters.

The perpetrators broke in by pretending to using falsified credentials as the account holder. They had provided the 5 billion rubles of clients, but not all managed transactions. The affected bank also gave no details.

Financial regulators from around the world urged recently been at banks to strengthen their cyber security after a series of notable robberies at banks worldwide. Fear of attacks on banks has increased after cybercriminals in February, tens of millions of euros samples of the central bank of Bangladesh.

Friday was also known that the Russian secret service FSB is concerned about cyber attacks that would destabilize the Russian financial sector as of Monday from the Netherlands. Foreign intelligence services would like to go on the offensive with servers in the Netherlands. In our country are according to a statement by the FSB servers a hosting company from Ukraine, Blazing Fast. Thus, the attacks would have to be carried out.

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