Hackers break into website Ede

Hackers break into website Ede

Tech August 10, 2016 11:21

- About 3,700 civilians of Ede gain Wednesday report from the council that their personal data in the hands of potential hackers. This is the result of an intrusion on the municipal website. Between January 2015 and July this year, the municipal database seen from Eastern Europe, the church showed Wednesday.

According to a forensic research there are probably stolen personal data, but the agency can not exclude that. The hackers led people who had completed the general contact of the municipality, through to sites about losing weight and borrow money. The form is now removed and the database is emptied.

Officials discovered the hack itself, said a spokesman of the municipality. When it appeared that each search led to advertising sites, immediately launched an investigation.
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Ede, the Authority Personal informed. Who has been harmed by the digital break-in, the municipality can be held liable.

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