Hacker wants numeral system software

Hacker wants numeral system software

Tech August 3, 2016 09:30

- A hacker in the late nineties told the US Congress that he could lay flat the Internet in half an hour, is committed to secure software. Peiter Zatko, the hacker known as Mudge world, together with his wife, Sarah mathematical Zatko, a system designed to assess software vulnerability.

The couple system as a kind of energy extended to software. It is given in perpetual license to a new nonprofit organization. Wednesday Zatko do their system revealed at the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.

During that presentation, they already share some figures. So is Google's Chrome web browser on Apple computers more secure than Apple's own Safari browser. Safari is in turn safer than Firefox. Microsoft software is pretty safe, but Office on the Mac is just a lot of vulnerabilities.
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The system Zatko's not looking primarily at the source code of the software, but to the digital output of that code binaries. 'Source code is the theory, while binaries are practical. That makes a huge difference in how vulnerable the actual product, '' Sarah Zatko explains.

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