Hack Attack affects Turkish websites

Hack Attack affects Turkish websites

World December 23, 2015 15:28

- Hackers have launched an attack on Turkish Internet servers. Since last Monday they bombard servers running some 300,000 websites with data. Local media suggest that the attackers come from Russia.

         According to Internet experts, it is not clear who was behind the attacks. Nic domain registrar. tr which manages the issuance of the tr-domain, however, says that the attack comes from 'organized sources' outside the borders.
Local media say that it concerns a political attack and pointing to the deteriorating relationship with Russia after Turkey last month, a Russian fighter shot down near the Syrian border.
Although the duration and extent of the DDoS attack are significant, says a security expert from Finland's F-Secure that not enough information is available yet to speculate who is behind it.
Last weekend hacker collective Anonymous posted a video on YouTube with the message that the attacks would continue if Turkey would not stop its support for the Islamic State. Meanwhile, the video has been taken offline. Critics, including supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin, accusing Turkey of it IS. The Turkish government denies this.
It is not the first time that Turkish websites attacked. Earlier this year, a collective Syrian hackers managed to break into e-mail accounts of public services.

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