'Gulf states give Qatar quick clarity'

'Gulf states give Qatar quick clarity'

World June 21, 2017 20:57

washington - The Arab countries that are engaged in a conflict with Qatar are likely to see what they expect from Doha in the near future. That said US Secretary Rex Tillerson (Foreign Affairs), who expressed the hope that it is 'reasonable and enforceable' requirements.

'We understand that a list of requirements has been prepared and tuned by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain,' said the governor. Tillerson already warned that Qatar's isolation might have unintended humanitarian consequences, such as a lack of food.

The surrounding countries have recently broken the economic and diplomatic ties with Qatar. They accuse the treacherous oil team of maintaining ties with terrorist groups and destabilizing the region. The Qatar government complained Monday that it is still unclear what the demands of the evil neighbors are. That confusion is also the Americans in mind.

A spokeswoman from the US Department of Foreign Affairs questioned the Gulf States's motions on Tuesday that had been punished. 'On this point we have one simple question: Is this action really linked to the alleged Qatar support to terrorists or is it about long-term grievances between and among members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)?', The spokeswoman spoke aloud Off.

Qatar, together with Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, forms the regional economic and political cooperation GCC.

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