Gülen contributes to extradition

Gülen contributes to extradition

World September 24, 2016 10:15

saylorsburg - Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen would cooperate with extradition to Turkey if the United States would decide. \'If the United States say yes, I'll go,\' he said in an interview with ZDF in his hometown of Saylorsburg in the US state of Pennsylvania., Where the now 75-year-old Gulen has lived for seventeen years.

He wants an international commission investigating the circumstances surrounding the attempted coup in Turkey in July. In the committee, experts from the United States, Germany, Netherlands and other countries must take place. Gülen said this to journalists from the German news agency DPA, the weekly newspaper Die Zeit and the Spanish newspaper El País.

Gülen is confident that his rival, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the coup has put on the rope to then carry out a large-scale purification. The plans for that Erdogan had prepared lying for years, \'was waiting only for the right opportunity. \'The Turkish government, for its part Gülen and his Hizmet movement responsible for the coup attempt.

\'When they say something, they have to make it hard,\' Gülen said. He said that Turkey has not responded to his proposal for an international investigation.

Gülen said that those in power in Turkey now beaten completely loose. \'They will not leave situated at law or law. International law is not enough to stop them. Only the European Union, United States and NATO can force them to return to respect the rules and the constitution. They will not easily give up what they have already achieved if there is no coming international pressure, \'said Gülen. \'Turkey has experience with democracy. But now we have almost lost everything. There is no opposition, there is no alternative opinion pronounced. \'

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