Gruveldate: man begins to eat woman

World November 6, 2017 18:18

kurgan - The fact that she came alive may be a miracle, because the 'romantic' date on which the Russian Irina Gonchar (41) had hoped was turned out on a nightmare. She was molested for four hours, with the 'cannibal' putting his teeth in certain body parts and wounding her in a terrible way.

The nurse was invited for a dinner in a hostel room. That went wrong. Her 45th birthday Anatoliy Ezhkov was under the influence of drugs, and began to hit her. For hours he remained violent. First, he tried to wipe Gonchar, but that did not work because her neck was wet from the blood. Then he put his teeth in her nose, ears and fingers.

Ezhkov was under the influence of drugs. The injuries he has inflicted are very shocking, as are pictures of the Daily Mail. Still more obvious is the fact that Ezhkov has now been released on bail and so his trial has not to be taken in captivity until great anger by family of women.

Irina Gonchar is in the hospital with a brain shackle, broken ribs and severe biting wounds throughout her body. She was saved because bystanders heard her shouting. That it took so long is because the hostel would be familiar with drunkards and associated problems.

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