Grindr 'hot' under Irish priests

Grindr 'hot' under Irish priests

World August 2, 2016 21:24

- The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin has removed a number of aspiring priests of the discredited seminary in Ireland Maynooth. On the training would prevail,, a gay culture '. '

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin intervened after anonymous complaints about the seminar, which houses about fifty students. The students were eager to use Grindr, an app for gay sex dates. was in charge of the seminary, given the celibate life which the priest is expected to-be, according to Martin to intervene, but failed to. Students talked about the dubious practices alarm might even be expelled. Recriminations have the atmosphere since then poisoned.

Rector Hugh Connolly expressed Tuesday of oblivious and called the atmosphere at college right,, very good '.
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