Green light for Tihange reboot reactor

Green light for Tihange reboot reactor

World May 15, 2017 11:18

brussels - The Belgian nuclear reactor Tihange 1 can be linked to the energy network as planned on 24 May. The nuclear watchdog FANC left Monday to give permission.

The reactor has been silent since September due to damage to a building in the non-nuclear part of the complex not far across the border at Maastricht. The restart has been delayed several times. 'After extensive studies and careful analyzes, the FANC does not see any elements that prevent a safe restart of Tihange 1,' said the watchdog.

Many people in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands are not comfortable. Therefore, an action will be organized on 25 June that will lead to the closure of the central station. About 60,000 people want to form a 90km 90-kilometer chain from Aachen via Maastricht and Li├Ęge to Tihange.

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