Greek Minister received 24,000 euros for interview

Greek Minister received 24,000 euros for interview

World October 29, 2015 17:15

rome - Furious, which were the Italian opposition when they have to learn that the former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, more than 24 000 euro received for a twenty- minute interview with the Italian public broadcaster RAI.

Domestically Varoufakis gets strong criticism, because many Greeks believe that it was not appropriate to may receive so much money for such an interview while Greece itself still faces heavy financial problems. Varoufakis received 1,000 euros per minute for the interview and he also banned from the cost of broadcasting first class from Athens to Rome.

The interview took place late last month, but the exact earnings for Varoufakis only came to the surface when he published it himself on his website. Varoufakis unveiled its merits in the context of transparency, something he ' 's important that, during these trips and during my ministry, wanted to convey ' calls.

Two British newspapers, The Times and The Telegraph, were indicted by Varoufakis to the publication of articles condemning the former minister accused of " very very commericieel think for a socialist. " The two newspapers believe Varoufakis up to 50 thousand euros to get " speaking engagements " and the money he earns thereby keep out of sight of the Greek tax authorities.

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