Greece helps Macedonia after floods

Greece helps Macedonia after floods

World August 12, 2016 13:33

athens - Greece puts the political disagreement with Macedonia aside and help the northern neighbor the effects of severe flooding cope. The Greek Government has, inter alia, water pumps and generators sent to the affected areas. In the EU context Athens will offer more assistance, informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Friday.

In the capital Skopje came last weekend at least 21 people killed by the floods that followed heavy weather. Suburbs were battered and was swept away part of the bypass.

Diplomats interpret the Greek relief as a sign of rapprochement. Between Greece and Macedonia buttering it not been since the latter country broke away from Yugoslavia in 1991. The countries arguing ever since about the name of Macedonia, as well as the name of the northern province of Greece.
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At international level, the country Macedonia,, called the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia '. For the Greeks is their only real Macedonia namely Macedonia, the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

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