Great enthusiasm for check-out alert

Great enthusiasm for check-out alert

Tech July 27, 2016 08:18

utrecht - In a month's time have 179,000 people at the Dutch Railways signed up for the new service NS Tools. The service provides a so-called check-out alert, passengers automatic e-mail alerts if they have forgotten to check out. They can still get back the overpaid money trip.

The NS is overwhelmed by the large number of applications.,, The number of passengers has registered far above expectations, 'said Marjan Rintel, a member of the board of directors.

In the first month is 3000 times sent check-out alert 2650 participants. Some therefore have twice been notified.
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In 2014 showed that carriers hold about 16 million per year to travelers who forget to check out their public transport smartcard. More recent figures are not there yet, said a spokesman.

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