Google wants to help you save air travelers

Google wants to help you save air travelers

Tech October 18, 2016 08:51

- Google wants to make it fly travelers not only easier, the tech giant also hopes the traveler be able to save. Google has overhauled the Google Flights app and now you can keep an eye on price fluctuations of air tickets in the app.

If you have a ticket on the eye, but do not want to order, you can 'follow' the card in Google Flights. The app compares the price of tickets to historical prices and combines this data with price expectations. If Google expects your ticket cheaper or more expensive in the not too distant future, you will get a call from Flight.

Even if you are planning to book in advance, Google Flights is a short price expectation. Google might expect that the current price is the lowest, the app will advise you to book a specific time in order to avoid price increases.

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