Google test fusion ChromeOS and Android

Google test fusion ChromeOS and Android

Tech September 26, 2016 08:24

- While Google event on October 4 main expected new hardware, but according 9to5Google the most important news might well lie in software. Google is according to the site behind the scenes, namely busy testing Andromeda, a system in which Android and ChromeOS are fused.

The existence of that system in itself is no surprise and it has also been suggested before, but what is striking is that there is now concrete evidence to Andromeda were found in the source code of Android 7. 0 Nougat. It has also become clear that Google Nexus 9 as a favorite testing system. That just the two-year-old HTC-tablet is used in place of a prototype of a new tablet, suggests that Andromeda may also be available for older Nexus, Chromebook and Pixel devices.

Exactly where Google wants to go with Andromeda and shape how the system is going to get, is still totally unclear. Currently Google sticks to two separate operating systems: Android and ChromeOS.

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