Google stops chatbot in messenger app

Google stops chatbot in messenger app

Tech December 23, 2015 13:42

- Google is working on a new mobile messaging service that uses artificial intelligence and so-called chatbots. The new chat application Google hopes to compete with rival services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

         Messaging services are among the most popular mobile apps, but Google succeeds so far not in here picking the fruits of his hangouts and Messenger apps. Unlike with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and Tencent with WeChat Google will not manage to create a network effect. This is necessary for a successful chat app, because people often join a messenger service because they know other users.
The Wall Street Journal writes that Google at the new chat app users alike may want to allow to send messages to friends as asking questions that answer chatbots. The chatbots roam the web and other sources off in order to give the right answer. It is possible that Google will allow independent developers to develop for the chat service.
As Google search service to its users to relevant websites link, Google would be to the service users point to the appropriate chatbot. For Google, the new service also strategically important because messenger services and chatbots pose a threat to Google's role as a major discovery machine on the Internet.
It is not yet known when the new service is launched.

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