'Google Copies Discover Snapchat'

'Google Copies Discover Snapchat'

Tech August 7, 2017 08:48

menlo park - Google is allegedly working on a project where publishers of new content can offer their news in a visually attractive way. That should be done according to The Wall Street Journal under the name Stamp. Insiders who spoke to the newspaper, compare Stamp with Snapchat Discover.

Stamp is a composition of the first two letters of the word story and AMP, the term used by Google for mobile web pages. Stamp content includes not only text but also images, video, audio, and other types of content. The content can be offered separately and therefore included as such in Google search engine. Also, the content can be integrated into the website's own sites.

It is unclear how far Google is with the development of Stamp. According to sources that increase the Wall Street Journal, Google has already been discussing Stamp rollout with some big organizations. It should be CNN, Time Inc and The Washington Post. The news comes after Thursday that the internet giant tried to enter Snapchat last year.

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