Google comes with its own smartphone

Google comes with its own smartphone

Tech June 27, 2016 08:15

- Google comes with its own smartphone by year-end on the market that will be sold under the brand name tech giant. Thus Google wants to get a better grip on the mobile software. The smartphone has to compete with the iPhone, The Telegraph reported citing sources.

The tech giant is currently developing the Android operating system on four of the five smartphones sold worldwide running. The company also supports various phones made by partners like LG and Huawei are made under the Nexus brand. But unlike Apple Google allows the production of external partners, while the tech giant focuses on developing software that runs on the phones.

With the new device, Google would have more control over the design, production and software. Many manufacturers of Android devices fit the Google software now far different. This makes it difficult for the tech giant to provide consistency. Owners of smart phones waiting for updates must sometimes months. With its own smart phone Google can exert more control over the software and the future securing of services as the engine of the tech giant and the Google Play app store that run on it.
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai said last month, moreover, mean that the company puts more energy into phones. He indicated that Google would continue to support the Nexus smartphones and that the plan is still working with other manufacturers.

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