Google cars driving two million miles

Google cars driving two million miles

Tech October 6, 2016 09:57

- The self-propelled cars where Google with test since the beginning traveled 2 million miles in 2009 on public roads, or 3.2 million kilometers. That is eighty times around the world. Weekly there is approximately 40,000 kilometers at equal to one revolution around the Earth.

Google's parent company Alphabet announced this Wednesday. ' You have to understand what's on the road and on the side of the road. Every ride is different, '' said Dmitri Dolgov Google after a ride with Reuters.

The hardest part is learning to predict where for example you have a child going or what another driver. Their decisions are sometimes unpredictable. ' You lost 10 percent of your time to make 90 percent autonomous system. And then you have 90 percent of your time on the last 10 percent, '' said Dolgov.

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