Golfers do gruesome discovery

Golfers do gruesome discovery

World December 13, 2016 13:54

- A relaxing round of golf is a group of Australians ended in a brutal encounter with a python. The beast was right on the golf course in the process as a whole consume a wallaby, a kangaroo-like.

These are scenes that you would normally only encounter in nature films, but golfer Robert Willemse there suddenly stood with his nose on top. He unsuspectingly got on the seventeenth hole of the Paradise Palms in Cairns when he saw the four-meter python to work.

Willemse made with his cell phone a few quick pictures, reported the macabre scene with the track owners and then finished his round. 'I heard that the python finally succeeded completely swallow the animal. Then the snake crawled to a stream nearby and disappeared. He will be doing a moment to digest this morsel. '

According to Willemse are regularly seen wallabies on the runways in northern Australia, but pythons are rarely spotted. 'Probably the animal has dropped from a tree in the wallaby. After that it's been a struggle, so they are middle ends up on the golf course. '

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