Gokker helps British greenhouse after Brexit

Gokker helps British greenhouse after Brexit

World August 5, 2017 20:36

- The British are blocking plans that wield high-speed fast-gambling machines from betting offices. The government can not miss the tax revenues of gambling on sports matches.

That reports the Daily Mail. The newspaper refers to sources in talks within the British government.

That is confronted with disappointing income. With the coming Brexit, the Bank of England expects a slower period of lower growth in the economy.

British are famous for their gambling. The British Finance Minister Philip Hammond, according to the newspaper, charged the revenues of the relatively new machines. These allow players to use up to a hundred pounds every twenty seconds.

In a previous cabinet proposal, introduced by the Minister of Sport, that commitment would be limited to two pounds each.

The 98 euro difference per bet would be Hammond's premier rating for the British Treasury, according to the Daily Mail.

The British cabinet and especially the Minister of Sport denied the message, there would be further investigation.

According to the Daily Mail, Hammond has personally ensured that the restriction goes to two pounds per gallon in the refrigerator.

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